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Flavor Wafers
Flavor Wafers
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Flavor Wafers

Here’s an easy way to add serious flavor and boost any dessert, from caramel and candy apples to Fudge Puppies, waffle cones and more. Gold Medal's Flavor Wafers are easy to melt and perfect for drizzling, they make the best desserts better. Try any of our flavors that range from Milk Chocolate to Butterscotch to make your desserts delicious.

3.5 lb Containers
5369 - Alpine White Chocolate
5370 - Chocolate Mint
5371 - Milk Chocolate
5372 - Dark Chocolate
5373 - Roasted Peanut
5374 - Yogurt
5375 - White Mint
5384 - Butterscotch
25 lb. Bulk Containers
5368 - White Alpine Chocolate
5379 - Chocolate Mint
5377 - Milk Chocolate
5378 - Dark Chocolate
5376 - Roasted Peanut
5382 - Yogurt
5380 - White Mint
5383 - Butterscotch

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