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Waffle Dog Baker
Waffle Dog Baker
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Waffle Dog Baker

Corn Dogs are a tremendously popular item, but many locations are unable to sell them if they have to have a vent hood for frying. Our Waffle Dogger is the answer - it will bake the Corn Dogs - not fry them! The Baked Corn Dog or Waffle Dog is a good product with much less fat and none of the problems of frying. The Waffle Dogger is a roll-over baker, so you can get even cooking of both batter and dog. You can make up to 5 at a time and, if you need more production, use multiple machines! For sticks, we prefer the 61/2" (17 cm) Super Setterstix, although you can use regular Setterstix, or even Wood Sticks. For mix, use Dipsy Dog. It works just fine. The Waffle Dogger can also make our famous Fudge Puppies, Sausage-On-A- Stick (use Belgian Waffle mix for this), or use your imagination - there are many other items you could create.

Dimensions: 13" x 10" x 22.87" (DxWxH)
  • Roll-over feature allows for even cooking
  • Makes 5 pieces at a time
  • Baked corn dogs, Fudge puppies, Cheese-on-a-stick, Pizza sticks, sausage on stick, own creation



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