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Candy Apple Gas Stove
Candy Apple Gas Stove
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Candy Apple Gas Stove

This gas-fired beauty is truly the vintage way to create candy-coated apple treats. Powered by a 35,000 BTU burner and paired with the hand-crafted copper kettle (sold separately), it makes for classic candy cooking (note that some states prohibit cooking in copper). If you need high-speed candy production from this old-fashioned setup, aluminum is the way to go. Also available, 208/230-V electric stoves, #4009 16" Aluminum Kettle (sold separately) and #67216 Steam ’N Clean Lid. *All items sold separately.

  • Awesome 40,000 BTU "Jet" Gas Burner
  • LP Gas
  • Hand crafted copper kettle
  • "High Speed" aluminum kettle also available
  • The fast cook cycle you expect!
  • Dimensions: 19" x 19" x 32.5"
  • 20 lbs
Available Options:
  • #4009 - 16" Aluminum Kettle
  • #4111 - 16" Copper Kettle
  • #67216 Steam ’N Clean Lid



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