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Caramel Popcorn

Three-in-One Lobby Master®
Three-in-One Lobby Master®
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Three-in-One Lobby Master®

This merchandising workhorse includes the caramel korn cooling system but is also designed to fit a Mark 5 Caramel Corn Cooker Mixer (#2175EL or #2175ER), #2554 16/18oz Macho Pop Value Popper, and a #2703 Cheese Tumbler/Coater. *ALL ITEMS SOLD SEPARATELY

Dimensions: 60" x 120" x 26" (DxWxH)
  • Built-in Karmel Kool system
Available Options:
  • #2175EL / #2175ER Mark 5 Cooker Mixer
  • #2254 16/18 oz. Macho Pop Value Popper
  • #2703 Cheddar Tumbler/Coater



Displays / Merchandisers
Mixes & Pre-<br />Packaged Caramel Corn
Bags & Containers