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Compound S 24oz. Jar
Compound S 24oz. Jar
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Compound S 24oz. Jar

It's true - Compound S #2320 actually helps keep your kettle cleaner when popping with plain sugar. And cleaner kettles mean better-tasting popcorn and longer-lasting equipment allowing you to maximize your profits. Most importantly, this 24-oz. jar helps reduce carbon buildup. Make sure to add this jar to your popping supplies!

Dimensions: 0″ x 0″ x 0″ (DxWxH)
Available Options:
  • #2320 Compound-S 1 24-oz. jar
  • #2320MC Compound-S 12 24-oz. jars
  • #2324 Bulk Compound-S 1 35-lb. pail
  • #2325 Pro-Strength Compound-S 1 35-lb. pail



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