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Pop-O-Gold 32-oz. with LED Neon Sign & Base
Pop-O-Gold 32-oz. with LED Neon Sign & Base
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Pop-O-Gold 32-oz. with LED Neon Sign & Base

Today, many theatres, arenas, auditoriums and stadiums -- the really big popcorn locations -- have already switched to the Pop-O-Gold. The Pop-O-Gold 32-oz. with LED Neon Sign & Base #2011ENB is designed with the latest technological advancements, this poppers boast extensive features such as: updraft ventilation, fire suppression systems and filtration capabilities. Plus, with the deep well corn storage and salt-sweet switch and FlexiPop® options, you are able to tailor the batch size. When you need both quantity and quality, this Pop-O-Gold popper is up to the task. Try this machine at stadiums, cinemas and more!

  • Pre-wired for an oil pump (included)
  • Available options are: deep well corn storage, and salt-sweet switch & Flexipop┬«
  • Base Included (2009SS)
Dimensions: 80″ x 36″ x 28″ (DxWxH)
Electrical Specifications:      
  • 120/208-120/240V,5760 Watts,30 Amp Plug
Available Options Include:
- Deep well corn storage
- Salt-sweet switch
- FlexiPop®

Additional options may be available, contact Gold Medal for more details.



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