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Caramel Corn Mixers & Machines
Whether you are making a small batch in a 2 ½ gallon cooker or need a 20-gallon cooker for larger demands, our caramel popcorn machines are a cinch to run and clean. Also includes merchandising wagons for multiple machines, cooling pans and corn treat mixers.

Our Most Popular Items
2175EL+ - Mark 5 Cooker Mixer

Mark 5 Cooker Mixer
2618 - Mini Three-In-One Lobby Master®
Mini Three-In-One Lobby Master®
2620+ - Mark 20 Karmel King Cooker Mixer

Mark 20 Karmel King Cooker Mixer
2626 - Karmel Baby® Cooker Mixer
Karmel Baby® Cooker Mixer
1063+ - Food Prep Sanitary Gloves
Food Prep Sanitary Gloves
2080BG - Bottle Gas Caramel Corn Stove
Bottle Gas Caramel Corn Stove
2166 - Regular Cooling Pan
Regular Cooling Pan
2166KK - Karamel Kool Counter Stand
Karamel Kool Counter Stand
Large Cooling Pan
2169KK - Small Karmel Kool Stand
Small Karmel Kool Stand
2276 - Caramel Corn Lobby Master®
Caramel Corn Lobby Master®
2410E+ - Mark 10 Cooker Mixer
Mark 10 Cooker Mixer
2424 - Base for Pralinator
Base for Pralinator
2619 - Three-in-One Lobby Master®
Three-in-One Lobby Master®
2622KK - Large Karamel Kool Stand
Large Karamel Kool Stand
2622KKD - Twin Karamel Kool Table
Twin Karamel Kool Table
2625 - Karamel Master Merchandiser
Karamel Master Merchandiser
2627 - Karamel Baby® Two-In-One
Karamel Baby® Two-In-One
5837 - Large Cooling Rack Truck
Large Cooling Rack Truck
5838 - Small Cooling Rack Truck
Small Cooling Rack Truck
All-In-One 5-Gallon Corn Treat System