Gold Medal Products Co.
Drink and Frozen Beverage Accessories
Click here for the accessories to keep your sales flowing. Quickly grab customers’ attention with posters and lighted signs, then serve them fast with flavor pump dispensers. Also, it’s easy to move the machines with totes and dollies.

110405+ - Slush Flavor Bottles and Pumps
Slush Flavor Bottles and Pumps
1112+ - Cleaning and Mixing Supplies
Cleaning and Mixing Supplies
1200 - Frusheez<sup>®</sup> Slush Poster
Frusheez® Slush Poster
1284 - Frusheez<sup>®</sup> Backlit Sign
Frusheez® Backlit Sign
2184 - Smoothie’O Backlit Sign
Smoothie’O Backlit Sign
3150LC - Lemonade Cart
Lemonade Cart
Lemonade Poster
6055 - Twin-Bowl Frusheez<sup>®</sup> Tote
Twin-Bowl Frusheez® Tote
6056 - Single Bowl Frusheez<sup>®</sup> Carrying Tote
Single Bowl Frusheez® Carrying Tote
6057 - Dolly for 6056
Dolly for 6056