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Cotton Candy Machines
These are the most user-friendly cotton candy machines available, including some with Lock-n-Go handles for easy transportation and eye-catching built-in signs.

Our Most Popular Items
3024 - Floss Boss Cotton Candy Machine
Floss Boss Cotton Candy Machine

The Breeze® EZ Kleen

Auto Breeze® EZ Kleen
3002 - Accu-Floss<sup>&trade;</sup>
3005ED - Stainless Steel Tornado<sup>®</sup> w/Electronic Heat Control
Stainless Steel Tornado® w/Electronic Heat Control
3005EMS - Tornado<sup>®</sup> 200
Tornado® 200
3005SS - Stainless Steel Tornado<sup>®</sup> Floss Machine w/Pan
Stainless Steel Tornado® Floss Machine w/Pan
3008ED - Digital Deluxe Whirlwind<sup>®</sup> with Electronic Heat Control
Digital Deluxe Whirlwind® with Electronic Heat Control
3008SS - Stainless Steel Deluxe Whirlwind<sup>®</sup>
Stainless Steel Deluxe Whirlwind®
3009 - Super High-Output Deluxe Whirlwind<sup>®</sup>
Super High-Output Deluxe Whirlwind®
3015A - X-15A Stainless Steel Whirlwind<sup>®</sup>
X-15A Stainless Steel Whirlwind®
Mega Floss®
3017A - Auto Econo Floss
Auto Econo Floss
3033ED - Super Breeze<sup>®</sup>
Super Breeze®
3038ED - Super Floss<sup>®</sup>
Super Floss®
3040 - Accu-Breeze Cotton Candy Machine
Accu-Breeze Cotton Candy Machine
3042 - Mega Breeze Cotton Candy Machine
Mega Breeze Cotton Candy Machine
Super Floss® Maxx