Gold Medal Products Co.
Our pretzels will have you rolling in the dough. We offer humidified cabinets to keep them hot and fresh, Sterno warmers for when you don't have electricity, and merchandisers. Plus, attract sales with posters and lighted signs. We also offer No Freezer Required Meister Bake Pretzels in three flavors, so you can follow the customers and cash in on pretzel sales.

Our Most Popular Items
5550PR - Humidified Pretzel Merch.  5627 - Meister Bake Pretzels, Salted 5629 - Meister Bake<sup>&trade;</sup> Pretzels, Unsalted 5631 - Meister Bake Pretzels, Cinnamon and Sugar
2050 - Pretzel Display Case 5330 - Pretzel Warmer 5505 - Pretzel Display 5506 - Heated Pretzel Display 5516 - Slanted Front Warmer
5551 - One Unit for Pretzel and Pizza Warmer 5551PR - Humidified Pretzel Merch. 18"x18" 5552PR - Pretzel Oven / Warmer Combo Unit 5621 - Meister Bake<sup>&trade;</sup> Pretzels Poster 5633 - Meister Bake<sup>&trade;</sup> Pretzel Counter Display
5784 - Pretzel Lighted Sign 6501 - 18"x18" Sterno Pretzel Warmer 8020 - Multipurpose Warming Unit