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Make Two, Top-Selling Items in One Machine - Click to read more

Cincinnati, Ohio

It’s never been easier to expand year-round sales and make two blockbuster, profit-packed products in one machine. Once warm, the #2182 Combo Kandy King will make 4 lbs. of frosted nuts in about 15 minutes and 5 gallons of caramel corn in about 20 minutes.

The mouth-watering smell of cooking caramel corn and the sugar and spice smell of the frosted nuts will draw the crowds, plus the warm nuts are especially popular in the cooler months.

It’s a cinch to switch back and forth between the two foods. The digital heat control let’s you clearly set and see the temperature so you don’t burn the products, making it easier to train staff and for anyone to run. Plus, the Combo Kandy King is available in right and left hand dump options.

Make Two, Top-Selling Items in One Machine

Gold Medal also makes complete mixes for frosted nuts and caramel corn to further eliminate the guesswork and quickly serve your customers. (Additional corn treat flavors are also available.)

Cheese Corn in Minutes and with Less Breakage Cheese Corn in Minutes and with Less Breakage - Click to read more

Cincinnati, Ohio

Make profits pop and savor the sizzling sales of cheese corn. The new #2703 Cheese Corn Tumbler quickly covers the corn, and reduces the amount of broken kernels by gently spinning the corn (no paddles are used). The Tumbler can easily handle 5 gallons of corn per batch and it's ready in 5 minutes! Plus, the aluminum drum is easy to clean. It's fast and a cinch to run—making it the perfect product for any business that already sells caramel corn and popcorn, or would like to boost year-round sales.

To make sales really skyrocket, pair it with Gold Medal's delicious, creamy Cheddar Classic (Kosher Dairy), Platinum White Cheddar (Kosher Dairy), Cheddar Pure Gold (Zero Trans Fats), White Cheddar Easy or Deluxe Cheddar Easy. These or any of the other tasty flavors are a recipe for successful year-round sales and gift tins.

Sell More Hot Dogs Faster - Click to read more

Cincinnati, Ohio

Keep the profits rolling in and quickly serve guests without taking up too much valuable counter space. The new, compact design of the Small Flat Fence Grill (#8162) quickly heats up, cooking hot dogs faster, as they make full contact with the flat grill. Cook up to 14 frozen jumbo hotdogs or 21 frozen standard hot dogs in 30 minutes (or 20 minutes at room temperature).

Sell More Hot Dogs Faster

Stop guessing on static heat settings with the easy-to-use adjustable temperature control. The non-stick surface is simple to clean and the reduced depth fits on standard counters. Plus, you can easily tailor the amount of hot dogs for your crowd to meet demands and reduce waste, thanks to the moveable fence bars.

Sno-Kone<sup>®</sup> Sales Sizzle with All-Natural AllCane Syrups Sno-Kone® Sales Sizzle with All-Natural AllCane Syrups - Click to read more

Cincinnati, Ohio

Gold Medal's Deluxe Sno-Kone® Syrups are now made with all-natural AllCane Sugar. It's a tasty alternative for businesses, schools and groups who are concerned about High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), but still want to earn the more than 80% profit margins possible with Sno-Kones®.

Plus, concessionaires can cut down on serving/prep time with these ready-to-use syrups. They can also limit waste with new, smaller size bottles available in quarts, half-gallons, and gallons, and a 1-oz. dispenser to carefully meter each serving.

Groups can further boost customer spending by pairing the syrups with Sour Attitude® to double their selections without doubling their inventory. One bottle can tailor the tongue tingling taste and pack in the pucker power of any flavor. (Sour Attitude® can also be used in frozen drinks and lemonade.)

Gold Medal Introduces The Deluxe Shav-A-Doo - Click to read more

Cincinnati, Ohio

Heat up summer sales with the new #1840 Deluxe Shav-A-Doo Ice Shaver. The attractive blue and silver design is just one of the many benefits that make this machine so unique.

It also has:

  • A removable Sno Pan for water drainage and easy clean up
  • A smaller footprint to take up less counter space (20" w x 14"d)
  • A single, hinged door to keep the ice cooler and clean
  • 1/3 HP durable motor to cut through ice with ease
  • User-friendly glass doors that decrease the risk of scratches and hazing

Gold Medal Introduces The Deluxe Shav-A-Doo

The #1840 is ideal for a variety of locations, including outdoor/indoor concession stands, rental businesses, campgrounds, fund raising organizations, and many others.

Pop More, Save Money, and Go Green Pop More, Save Money, and Go Green - Click to read more

Cincinnati, Ohio

Now, it's even easier to attract new customers and meet the demands during busy times, while keeping costs low. Gold Medal continues to lead the industry and set trends with the latest innovations: the new energy efficient Super Pop Maxx kettle and EcoSelect popcorn bags.

The 16-oz. Super Pop Maxx kettle has a unified heating element, which uses the lowest possible energy with the maximum popping capacity. (Businesses can make 16 of the 32-oz size bags of popped corn every three minutes.) It also saves valuable counter space-it has the same footprint as the 12/14-oz. Pop Maxx-and can be run on a standard 15-amp plug.

Businesses can also "go green" with the new, eye-catching laminated popcorn bags. The bags, which are made with EcoSelect natural-fiber papers, tap into the red-hot trend that promotes the use of environmentally friendly products. They're also grease resistant to keep the butter topping from coming through the containers. The bags are FDA-compliant and are manufactured using a heat-sealed bottom to prevent leaks. They are available in 32, 46, 85, 130, 170 oz. sizes.

Evans Recognized by the OABA - Click to read more

Cincinnati, Ohio

J.C. Evans, Chairman of Gold Medal Products, is the first to receive the Pioneer Award in recognition of his outstanding career service and growth of the concession industry. This award was presented by the national trade organization representing more than 3,000 members from the mobile amusement industry.

The Outdoor Amusement Business Association, Inc.'s (OABA) Hall of Fame Award Committee honored Evans at their annual meeting on February 14, 2009. The committee chose Evans for his lifetime of achievement and dedication to his Gold Medal family of more than 350 employees nationwide and an international network of dealers. OABA also noted his commitment to the amusement industry.

"Evans' Gold Medal leads the industry with many lines of equipment and supplies worldwide," Bob Johnson, president of the OABA, said. "His involvement and support of industry trade associations is a tribute to his charity and dedication to giving back to the industries that help create an international brand of products."

Gold Medal was founded in 1931 by David C. Evans, father of J.C. Evans. It has become the industry leader through a unique approach of carrying quality equipment and supplies, backed by the latest innovations and more than 75 years of experience.

Revolutionary New Looks Help Boost Profits Revolutionary New Looks Help Boost Profits - Click to read more

Cincinnati, Ohio

Businesses will get noticed with the new Polar Pete. This attractive, cool design will heat up Sno-Kone® sales, increasing profits and encouraging repeat business. It’s the perfect fit all businesses where merchandising is important, including rental companies.

Polar Pete is made from a durable polymer material. It’s scuff resistant and lightweight, making it easy to transport. Plus, it’s big enough to get noticed without taking up too much counter space, has a commercial-grade motor to blast through ice, and can easily be run on a standard 15-amp plug*.

Businesses can further boost sales with the new 8 oz. plastic, flower-shaped cups. Four different colors will draw attention as walking advertisements in crowds and make great displays. Cups are available in green, yellow, pink, and blue.

*Overall dimensions for Polar Pete are 33.6″ h x 35.6″ w x 19″ d.

More Businesses Can Now Make 82% Profits or More - Click to read more

Cincinnati, Ohio

Now, it's even easier for businesses to make money with rich, delicious caramel corn, which has an average of 72% to 82% profits. Gold Medal offers packaged caramel corn with a best by date of 6 months.

They're easy to store and simple to market—they'll practically sell themselves. It's also a great add-on to existing product lines, generating year-round traffic, or is perfect for businesses wanting to try caramel corn sales before purchasing a machine.

Caramel corn is a sweet anytime treat that continues to grow in popularity. The corn is made from the finest recipe and high-quality ingredients that have made Gold Medal an industry leader since 1931.

In addition to the packaged caramel corn, Gold Medal offers a complete line of caramel corn machines and supplies to outfit any size location from the 2½-gallon Karmel Baby for smaller needs to the large 20-gallon Karamel King for large venues.

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