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We made a vow that we would treat our customers the way we like to be treated as customers and we have never strayed from that vow."

Full, personalized customer service shouldn't be an afterthought; it should begin from the moment you walk in the door until long after the sale is done. This has been the driving force behind American Fun Food Co. since 1977, and something Laurie Jones and Bryan Kristenson have emphasized since they purchased the company in 2003.

Bryan Kristenson and Laurie Jones

Bryan Kristenson and Laurie Jones

Their goal is to make purchases or rentals convenient, easy, and an enjoyable experience. Entering the showroom is like getting a taste of the midway. You are invited to try the machines, and any of the four full-time concession experts will find the right items for your needs. Plus, with American’s complete line, from machines and supplies to the serving products, you can leave the store with everything you need for your rental or business.

American also saves you valuable time by offering the same excellent customer service on all phone and e-mail orders, and "from desktop to delivery" for a quick turnaround. Finally, they round out the one-stop approach with the ability to track down hard-to-find items, custom printing on disposable products, and repairs - they stock a large assortment of parts to reduce service repair time.

But more than just convenience, Bryan, Laurie and the 14 other employees also believe in a truly tailored experience. They listen to what you need and when you need it by. They will help you put the fun into the food industry.

American Fun Food Co.
6010 N. Broadway
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