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Small Kindness, Big Impact

Mitch and Marty Zinder learned long ago that sometimes the smallest kindness can set a business apart. That's why customers have loyally gone to Victor Products for more than 50 years, and why new customers soon become old friends.

Their father started the business in 1953, selling mostly to the carnival industry. While this is still a large part of the company, the brothers have grown the restaurant and concession supply business by going the extra mile to help their customers. They will loan them a machine, while the customers' equipment is repaired, to ensure they don't lose any money or business. Or, they'll help to find those small, essential replacement parts in a hurry. It's that dedication the boys learned growing up in the business-Mitch fondly remembers working with his father when he was 10, sweeping floors.

Victor ProductsBut more than just a supply store, Victor Products focuses on the whole package. They make sure customers are happy after the sale with a large service and repair department. Plus, they can even design and layout spaces. From church kitchens and concession trailers to full restaurants, Marty can create an efficient space to fit any budget. (Marty is a certified Computer Assisted Designer.) They also have a small showroom where customers can come in and learn firsthand how to use the equipment.

It's all of these "little things" that add up to more than 50 years of success and growing into another location. Contact the Zinder brothers today and see how assured care of the small details can lead to your big rewards.

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