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Gold Medal Products understands that it may be our name on the equipment, but that it's your name on the line. We believe it's your reputation that makes us successful, and after talking with hundreds of dealers, we understand what we need to do to make your business more successful with Gold Medal.

  • Incredible margins that have helped thousands of Gold Medal Products dealers make more money

  • Marketing and advertising support, customer leads and corporate guidance

  • Growth-incentive rebates that reward you for growing Gold Medal lines inside your store

  • Latest patent-pending developments in technology

With its incredibly deep equipment and supply lines and its heritage of quality, Gold Medal Products enjoys a premium brand perception that will attract high-dollar, repeat customers.

If you're serious about making your business more prosperous... If you want to minimize your risk using a proven system, successful product line and a very low overhead investment... Then, we've got some important things to talk about!

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